Welcome to my website. This is a showcase of my counselling and self-help books, biographical dictionaries and ebooks. Please use the tabs above to browse the books, or click on the images below. You will find excerpts of all the books available to read online.

The William Stewart Foundation – which has charitable status in Malawi – was set up in 2017 to bring hope to the people of Malawi through the sharing of God’s Word and practical acts of charity.

  • Sdmirals of the World
  • A to Z of counselling
  • Controlling Anxiety
  • Biographical Dictionary of Anthropologists
  • Going for Counselling
  • Biographical Dictionary of Poets
  • Learning to Counselling
  • Biographical Dictionary of Sociologists
  • Imagery and Symbolism in Counselling
  • Biographical Dictionary of Psychologists
  • Making the Most of Relationships
  • Building Esteem
  • Dictionary of Images and Symbols in Counselling
  • Self-counselling

William died on 10 January 2021. His website will be maintained so that his memory lives on through his work and his books. You can read his funeral service booklet here.