Biographical and historical books

Admirals of the World: A Biographical Dictionary, 1500 to the Present

McFarland, 2009. Softcover (7"×10"). 341pp.
ISBN 978-0786438099

Biographical Dictionary of Sociologists

McFarland, 2008. Hardcover (7"×10"). 199pp.
ISBN 978-0786433285

Biographical Dictionary of Anthropologists

McFarland, 2009. Softcover (7"×10"). 245pp.
ISBN 978-0786436712

A Biographical Dictionary of Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists

McFarland, 2008. Hardcover (7"x10"). 331pp.
ISBN 978-0786432929

British and Irish Poets: A Biographical Dictionary, 449–2006

McFarland, 2007. Hardcover (7"x10"). 503pp.
ISBN 978-0786428915

Timelines of British Political, Social and Economic History: Julius Caesar to Queen Elizabeth II

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