The Grief Counselling Casebook

The Grief Counselling CasebookGrief and loss accompany many of life's events. If the grief remains unresolved, healing is delayed or may never take place. The more counsellors are alerted to the likely presence of unresolved grief, the more enhanced their work will be.

This exciting book explores unresolved grief as it applies to the many types of client encountered by counsellors. Readers are stimulated to search with their clients for future options, choices and directions. Creative resources are identified and used in a collaborative process. Numerous areas are covered, including the learning process, the language of counselling, ethics, the first interview and follow-up sessions.

The Grief Counselling Casebook brings together the skills of two highly experienced counsellors who present a text that is readable, revealing and relevant. Using selected case histories from John Gunzburg's book Unresolved Grief, together with many new studies; the authors introduce students to the experience and process of grief counselling. Extensive use is made of teaching points to highlight key themes and facilitate understanding.

John Gunzburg a psychotherapist and family therapist, now retired was in private practice in Australia. He was formerly a teacher at the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

William Stewart is a freelance counsellor, teacher and supervisor in the UK. Formerly the Director of Counselling Studies at St George's College of Nursing in London, he is currently a tutor for the Institute of Counselling and author of many counselling and self-help books.

Although now out of print, the book is available through Amazon UK