Forty-eight Counsellor Values, Volume 1

48 counsellor values, vol 1This volume, the first of two, was inspired by my previous book, Twenty-Four Counselling Qualities. Counsellors are familiar with the person-centred core values of empathy, genuineness, unconditional positive regard, and non-possessive warmth. This groundbreaking book introduces twenty-four new values which, although they are inherent in counselling, we may not consciously consider them or we take them for granted. All are presented with the aim of adding something to what we already know and believe about counselling practice and the therapeutic relationship. Something of what I say may be challenging, or controversial, but I have written what I believe to be relevant and developmental.

The book is published on Kindle. If you don’t have Kindle you can download an app to read the book on any appliance. It is priced at £5.38.