Forty-eight Counsellor Values, Volume 2

48 counsellor values, vol 2The forty-eight Values explored in these two volumes introduce readers to some of the important ideas and concepts which underpin effective counselling practice, and are a valuable contribution to the body of knowledge of counselling. These Values challenge us to examine what we believe, how they influence our everyday life, and more particularly, our professional life. Sometimes clients experience conflicts between what they believe they should be and what they are, or between their behaviour and how they would like to behave. Helping them explore their values may be a necessary part of counselling. But unless we have explored them for ourselves, and are sure of what we believe, we may find ourselves struggling to help our clients. The more we understand ourselves, the more we will be able to help clients understand themselves. The more we can help clients understand themselves, the more they will understand other people and their values.

List of values: Independence - Influence - Inspiration - Integrity - Loyalty - Moderation - Nurturing - Patience - Perseverance - Personal Power - Recognition - Respect - Responsibility - Self-awareness - Service - Silence - Sincerity - Stability - Success - Thankfulness - Tolerance - Tranquillity - Truthfulness - Trust

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