Counselling from a Christian Perspective

Counselling From A Christian Perspective draws out the similarities and differences of various counselling approaches and Christian counselling. It looks at the interaction of body, mind, emotions and spirit; at personality, and introduces the reader to the personality preference work of Isobel Myers Briggs. It also looks at how various authentic counselling models can be used by integrating them into a solid Christian counselling approach that acknowledges the ministry of the Spirit of God as central to the process. The authors seek to incorporate psychological studies of personality with the virtues of faith, hope and charity from a Judeo/Christian perspective.

The counselling relationship and its various components is explored, as a prelude to exploring in depth some of the important relationship principles: acceptance, non-judgement, feelings, involvement, the right to make decisions, the unique client, and confidentiality. The essential core qualities of the counsellor are explored, related to Biblical concepts: empathy, unconditional positive regard, genuineness, non-possessive warmth, and love.

The book ends with a chapter on working with the client’s story, based on Charles Gerkin’s The Life of the Client model. Gerkin spent many years at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta as a Hospital Chaplain and Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor to trainee chaplains.

This book lays the foundation for all people who are entering counselling, as well as those already experienced, who might be struggling with some of the questions addressed in the book. It would thus be applicable to students on counselling and counselling skills courses.

Case studies are a prominent feature of the book to illustrate concepts and principles.

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