Counselling in Nursing

Counselling in Nursing, originally published by Harper and Row and now available on Kindle, is as relevant today as it was in 1983. It describes the basic principles and skills of counselling within the framework of the nursing process. Based on a problem-solving approach, this book encourages the reader to explore and extend his/her self-awareness. Many examples throughout the text illustrate the parallel between the model of counselling and that of the nursing process.

Nurses cannot but help being drawn into counselling. The very nature of the job demands it, particularly when they are involved in the nursing process. This book shows how nurses may acquire and use counselling skills for the benefit of the patient, his relatives and the organization, and to further their own professional development.

The Foreword is written by Annie T. Altschul (1919-2001), Emeritus Professor of Nursing Studies University of Edinburgh

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