Counselling in the Inner Zone Through Intuition, Imagination and Creativity

The aim of Counselling in the Inner Zone Through Intuition, Imagination and Creativity is to develop the counsellor’s awareness of self and to make the therapeutic relationship more effective. The Interaction Zone is where we find the essential elements in effective communication – relationship qualities such as empathy, and counselling skills. The Inspiration Zone which lies between the Interaction Zone and the Inner Zone of vision, is where advanced empathy operates.

The Inner Zone contains the three faculties of creativity, intuition and imagination and the two faculties of perception – the inner eye and the inner ear. These help counsellors become aware of what lies beneath the surface of communication and behaviour, theirs as well as their clients. The more that counsellors get in touch with the Inner Zone, the more their inner self is liberated and the more they can help clients liberate their inner self.

Working with imagery, creativity and intuition takes the therapeutic relationship onto a higher plane; which is like the difference between viewing the horizon from the mountain top one day and then viewing it the next from a spaceship. Counsellors who value their Inner Zone, encourage clients to value their own Inner Zone and so enhance their lives.

The book uses exercises and illustrative case studies, taken from the author’s own case book. The final chapter relates the case of Kevin, who uses imagination to break free of the chains that hold him prisoner. The book is written in easy to understand language and free from technical language and jargon.

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