Dictionary for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

coverDictionary for Counsellors and Psychotherapists is a distillation of topics from psychiatry, psychology, counselling/psychotherapy, sociology and management psychology, all of which provide a ready reference for counsellors and psychotherapists in whichever field they work. It will also prove to be a useful resource for all people studying for mental health qualifications in medicine, nursing and social work.

Vicky Mould, in her Foreword, says, ‘William has produced a book that any practitioner can turn to when needed, regardless as to whether you are new to the counselling or therapy world, or the more experienced practitioner. He has included various subjects which range from interesting theories and therapies, to useful terms, and the more complex mental health diagnoses.

Unlike other dictionaries, this book starts with a list of topics, to help readers see at a glance what subjects are included. Another difference is that it is written in a conversational style, which engages the reader.

Some of the subjects in this dictionary relate to ideas, others to theory, and others to principles and methods. If the book inspires readers to explore some of the ideas, then I will have accomplished what I intended this book should do.

Available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon at £5.80. You don’t need to have a Kindle. You can download an Amazon App to read the book on your computer.