Enduring Love: An Unlikely Romance

Enduring Love - An Unlikely Romance is a post-war romance between Lieutenant Anne Webster, an army nursing sister, and Sergeant Colin Dixon, a paraplegic patient.

The path of love does not run smoothly for them when her superiors disapprove and she is posted to Cyprus. Anne’s feelings are thrown into confusion when her doctor colleague, Bert Williams, makes no secret of his love for her.

Anne has serious doubts if her love for Colin will be strong enough to compensate for all the things they will miss, such as dancing and the possibility that they cannot have children.

Colin’s snobbish mother considers Anne to be beneath her but her attitude is balance by Colin’s spritely Aunt Eleanor in whose home Colin lives.

Anne survives a near-fatal accident from a faulty electrical appliance. Colin is thrown into deep depression when his hopes of healing are dashed and he has doubts about his manhood. The story plays out their respective conflicts and resolution.

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