Explore the Counselling Relationship

The counselling relationship is the central feature of the person-centred approach, built on empathy, genuineness, unconditional positive regard and non-possessive warmth. These core qualities are well known and expounded by many authors. In this book, I develop these qualities as they relate to other qualities, thus deepening our understanding of relationships in general and the counselling relationship in particular. This unique book will appeal to all counsellors whether students or experienced practitioners, and to those who teach counselling at every level. It will also have value to people outside of the counselling field – in short, anybody involved in relationships – parents, teachers, the clergy and health professionals. The book draws on fifty years as a counsellor, author and teacher. I believe passionately that whatever skills and models are used in counselling, it is the relationship which client and counsellor establish which will make all the difference and which will encourage our clients to work towards change.

Available on Kindle at £6.40. If you don’t have Kindle, you can download the book using the Kindle App.