Forsaking all Others: Love in Conflict

Forsaking all Others: Love in Conflict is a heart-warming story of struggle, survival and triumph, of how Catherine Hadden, reared in wealth, but without love, meets and marries John Finlayson, a sailor. Marrying a man of a different social class incurs the displeasure of her father. Through flashbacks, the reader is taken into Catherine’s traumatic life of neglect and abuse – her mother deserts her at the age of six and they have little contact over the years. She is discovered to have musical talent, and she becomes the pupil of a renowned singer and teacher. In 1913 she is converted at a Salvation Army meeting, then becomes a Salvation Army officer. She and John marry in 1920 and Catherine becomes a teacher of music and singing. Their son Alex becomes a doctor. During the war Catherine inherits her wealthy aunt’s estate, ‘Prospect Park’ in Sussex, where she falls in love with Andre Devraux, a Canadian Army doctor. The story draws out the conflict Catherine experiences between loving John and Andre. The choice she makes affects the lives of everyone.

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