Hamish; Hero of Blairingone

A war-time story of Hamish, a Scottish soldier, evacuated from France in October 1944, mute, and thought to be suffering from a schizophrenic breakdown. Discharged from the Army he spends almost a year in an asylum, slowly regaining his memory. Hamish’s healing reaches a climax with the end of the war, although his memory takes several more months to fully recover, as he struggles to come to terms with devastating revelations about his parentage. A love relationship develops between Hamish and Jenny and they plan to marry. They spend some time in Scotland where Hamish meets his old friends and regains the last bits of his memory. He makes a momentous decision about his future. The climax is his investiture of the Distinguished Conduct Medal for bravery beyond the call of duty in France, an event that contributed to his breakdown.

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