Joey the banjo-playing singing kangaroo

Book coverThis small book of a series of interviews on Australian television will make you laugh, think, and maybe shed a few tears. Joey entertains the children on a hospital ward at Christmas; shares with you how some kangaroos inspired his act; spends Australia Day in a nursing home celebrating the birthday of a World War II hero; we attend Joey’s wedding to Janet and meet the Banjaroos and learn more about the family and their love of music; we share in the funeral service of the World War II hero and hear again the personal account of his rescue of one particular homeless war veteran stricken by post traumatic shock. The book ends on two messages of hope for the future.

This is a book for all ages, and although it is based in Australia, it will appeal to everyone, of any culture or language, because the themes are universal.

Available on Kindle at £4.91. You don’t need a Kindle to read the book. You can download the Kindle App from the Amazon website.

All royalties will be donated to the William Stewart Foundation.