Murder at Northleigh Manor

Hugh Hardie’s mission as a hard-hitting journalist, is to investigates a miscarriage of justice. Brian Chubb, a man with learning difficulties, has been convicted of and imprisoned for the rape and murder of Jacqueline Walsh, whose body was found in the Northleigh Manor pond, where she lived. Northleigh Manor – a fictitious village – on the outskirts of Eastleigh, in Hampshire, is caught in a time-warp, where the residents of the nine cottages are ruled by the Lord of the Manor, Colonel Pilkington-Smyth. Behind the façade of respectability all is not what it appears to be. In the process of clearing Brian’s name Hugh uncovers scandals that threaten the survival of the village. The author describes the village and its people with humour and compassion, and although there is much sorrow they are balanced by joy and love.

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