A Nugget a Day: Meditations To Inspire Your Year

Many people lead such busy lives that they have little time for meditation and prayer, which are proven relievers of stress. A Nugget A Day: Meditations To Inspire Your Year consists of 52 weekly themes, a thought for the week, a short meditation for every day, and a prayer. The meditations are easily remembered and can be recited while driving or waiting in a traffic queue. Daily practice of meditation, however short a time it takes, builds up a reservoir of thoughts upon which you can draw to help calm your mind.

May you know the peace and healing of the risen Lord
May you know the joy of listening daily to his Word.
Know his love and goodness growing, overflowing in your soul.
May you sing with deep thanksgiving;
Christ has made you whole. Amen

(Written by Pat Sharp, as the finale of the musical, First Witness, performed at Bishopstoke Methodist Church, Eastleigh, 24 November 2001)

Taken from Messages of Humour, Inspiration and Challenge, by William Stewart, published on Kindle, December 2013.

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