Pastoral Counselling from a Person-Centred Perspective

book coverWhatever skills or techniques we may use in our counselling, and however skilled we might be, it is the counselling relationship which clients will remember: the love and care they received; and the careful listening and how the counsellor sought to understand them, that will live with them long after counselling has ended.

Pastoral counselling should demonstrate the love, compassion and tenderness of God as shown in Jesus Christ. This is the basis of the person-centred approach. Although some Christians consider this approach to be almost heretical because Carl Rogers was a humanist I show that the core conditions of empathy, unconditional regard, genuineness and nonpossessive warmth are firmly based on scripture.

This book explores the person-centred core conditions alongside Felix Biestek’s seven principles of individualisation, purposeful expression of feelings, controlled emotional involvement, acceptance, the non-judgmental attitude, client self-determination, and confidentiality, to provide a model for people involved in pastoral counselling.

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