Pigswill to Caviare: An Autobiography

Pigswill to Caviar is an introspective autobiography of how a boy from a mixed social class marriage, born in Australia, and reared in poverty during the Depression in Scotland, pulls himself up by his boot laces to have a successful army nursing career, serving in every rank to Captain, and becomes an established author of counselling books that have become recommended reading on counselling courses worldwide. The book details how the family survived the bleak years of the Depression; their strong Christian faith is a thread that runs through the whole book. The author is open and honest about the successes and failures of his life and there is no attempt to airbrush the family history. His marriage of sixty-four years, and his family of five children, are an obvious joy and inspiration to him. There is humour and sadness, but the overall feeling that readers will relate to the steadfastness and family togetherness. Although the author, in his opinion, is neither famous nor infamous, he hopes that his life story will inspire other people to publish their own life stories.

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