Practical Dream Interpretation Using Imagery and Symbolism

Practical Dream Interpretation Using Imagery and Symbolism is written for all people who want to understand dreams. It is of particular interest to counsellors and therapists to help clients understand their dreams, particularly those dreams which cause anxiety and distress. I do not suggest that everything we dream is of great moment, but when a dream arouses deep emotion – which may be pain, terror, or intense happiness and joy – then I believe that such a dream has occurred for a purpose. Some therapists set out to work specifically with dreams; others only do so when a client is disturbed by a dream. Often such dreams occur when a particular stage in therapy is reached, and the dream may indicate a way forward to the client and the therapist. To ignore such a dream could deprive both the client and the therapist of something wonderful and liberating. The approach I use in interpreting dreams is based on my work with imagery and symbols. I believe that to interpret a dream we have to understand the dreamer and to place the dream within the context of the person’s life. This means that while a symbol might mean one thing to me, it might mean something different to you, even though the symbol might have a general meaning. Just as in person-centred therapy the therapist strives to understand what something means to the client, so in interpreting dreams. Interpreting dreams in this way will help to liberate the spirit.

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