The Reservoir of Grief: A Therapist’s Personal Journey

Second Edition. This is a book of one man’s personal experiences of grief and loss and how each experience has helped him in his work as a therapist, to understand clients who are suffering from grief. Exploring his own feelings of grief has developed within him a depth of empathy which he may not have had, had he not experienced and sought to understand what these losses mean to him and what loss may mean to other people.

The author explores grief from his own perspective, rather than offering a theory of grief. He says: To be able to write this book as I want to do it, I need to be willing to explore my reservoir of grief; if I do not allow myself to do this, the book will not express my feelings; It will be sterile and theoretical. This is a very personal account of grief and loss over many years culminating in the death of his wife of sixty-four years. Writing this book is one of the ways he is coping with that loss and all the other experiences of grief and loss he records in this book.

Available on Kindle at £2.65; to download from Amazon onto your computer. Also available as a paperback.