Snatched: Joy to Tragedy

Wednesday, the fourteenth of July 1993, started almost like any other day but ended in the lives of innocent people being turned upside down, and it became a black day on the calendar. And over the next seven days, hearts and minds were filled with terror, by the working out of one woman’s bizarre and overpowering delusion.

A powerful, compelling and thought-provoking story about the kidnapping of a baby by a woman who lost her own child by cot death. The reader is drawn into the lives of the players in this emotive drama - the deluded woman, her distraught and devoted husband, the anxious family of the kidnapped child and the police who are hunting for the missing child. The drama links Scotland and England as the deluded woman leads the police in both countries in a four-hundred miles chase to rescue the baby. The lives of the principal characters are turned upside down as they fear for the child’s safety. The woman’s mental state descends into madness and ends in tragedy.

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