Songs of the Heart

The Salvation Army Song Book is a rich source of inspiration, and the songs enhance daily devotions. Scripture passages often trigger words from songs, and the poetry of the songs adds another dimension to worship.

General Orsborn in the Foreword to the 1953 edition of the Song Book says: Herein will be found a wonderful manual for private devotion. The upward reaching of the soul, the downward reach of the love of God, the incense of devotion, the canticles of praise, are all here. Use the Song Book as an aid to prayer.

I pray that every meditation will find an echo in your heart as you think on the song and the Bible reading; and may your spiritual life be enriched as mine has been in the writing.

The Song Book is like a deep well, from which we can draw life-giving water. The more familiar we are with the Song Book, the more inspiration we have on which to draw. However, we must remember that in order to draw water, the bucket has to be empty. Therefore, when we enter into that place of worship let us come seeking refreshment and we will not go away disappointed; the well is deep but we will always be satisfied.

Three appendices cover the Summary of Topics; Bible Texts; and the Songs.

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