Stress - Don’t Let it Beat You: The Practical Guide to Techniques and Strategies

Beat StressBeat Stress. Don’t let it beat you: ~The practical guide to techniques and strategies.

This is the book for everyone.
This is the book for you.

From the moment we are conceived we are subject to pressure and change. What greater pressure is there than being born or than giving birth? Throughout our lives we are never free from pressures, but we learn to manage them; it is when we don’t cope that we experience stress, which is often accompanied by anxiety.

This book introduces the reader to the various theories of stress and to a model of stress which focuses on three principal sources of stress – physical, psychological and environmental, to each of which is devoted a chapter. Other chapters cover aspects of stress – conflict and change; anxiety and related stress disorders; personality and stress related to learning and work. The final chapter explores techniques and strategies to help manage stress.

When we don’t manage stress it will overwhelm us and invade every part of our life. The book is written in non-technical language and free from jargon. Throughout the book there are exercises and questionnaires aimed at improving the reader’s awareness of stress-reducing techniques and strategies. Case studies demonstrate how people coped with the conditions that caused them stress.

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