Understanding Anxiety: The Counsellor’s Guide

Understanding Anxiety: The Counsellor’s Guide, companion to Understanding Depression: The Counsellor’s Guide, is written primarily for counsellors who want to know more about anxiety and how to help their clients cope with this distressing and often crippling illness. While it is not intended as a self-help book, many anxiety-sufferers will find that the book will help increase their awareness and the strategies will help to lessen the grip of anxiety on their lives. I believe that the more information sufferers – and their loved ones – have, the more easily they will cope. This is not a textbook on mental illness, although much of what will be discussed does come under the umbrella of mental health. It explores, in language that any lay person can understand, the many different conditions in which anxiety is a major feature. The writing style is straightforward, easily understood and, as far as possible, free from technical language and jargon. The analogy of the treadmill, controlled by a vindictive jailer, is used to illustrate the unremitting feelings of being driven to exhaustion. Case studies illustrate how sufferers cope with mild to crippling anxiety.

Available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon at £3.63