I am in the process of publishing my ebooks, some of them formerly available at the Fellowship of Authors and Artists, as Kindle ebooks.


Aesop’s Fables With a Modern Twist - in 2 volumes

Enduring Love: An Unlikely Romance

Forsaking all Others: Love in Conflict

Hamish: Hero of Blairingone

Joey the banjo-playing singing kangaroo

Murder at Northleigh Manor

Snatched: Joy to Tragedy

The Treasure Seekers



A to Z of Mental Illness: The Counsellors’ and Other Professionals’ Guide to Psychotherapy

Counselling from a Christian Perspective

Counselling in Nursing

Counselling in the Inner Zone Through Intuition, Imagination and Creativity

The Counselling Omnibus

Counselling Theory and Practice: A Case Study Approach

Daily Prayers and Meditations

Dictionary for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Distance Learning from a Person-Centred Perspective: A Guide for Tutors and Students

Eight Pillars of Independent Families: A Guide for Parents and Counsellors

Explore the Counselling Relationship

Forty-eight Counsellor Values, Volume 1

Forty-eight Counsellor Values, Volume 2

How to Make a Strong Family: A Person-centred Approach

Hung, Drawn and Quartered: Its History and the Biographies of its Vicitms

Messages of Humour, Inspiration and Challenge - in 3 volumes

A Nugget a Day: Meditations to Inspire Your Year

Pastoral Counselling from a Person-Centred Perspective

Pigswill to Caviare: An Autobiography

Poems and Musings

Practical Dream Interpretation Using Imagery and Symbolism

The Reservoir of Grief: A Therapist’s Personal Journey

Songs of the Heart

Stress - Don’t Let it Beat You: The Practical Guide to Techniques and Strategies

Therapeutic Imagery: How to Use it

Therapeutic Imagery: Theory and Practice

Therapeutic Sayings: Change Negative Thinking to Positive Thinking

Timelines of British Political, Social and Economic History; Julius Caesar to Queen Elizabeth II

Twenty-four Counselling Qualities

Understanding Anxiety: The Counsellor’s Guide

Understanding Depression: The Counsellor’s Guide

Understanding Guilt and Shame


Following William’s death his ebooks are currently unavailable on Kindle. His family is trying to rectify this situation.